Anomalous structures in Cydonia Mensae

Geometrical Patterns in Structures Adjacent to the 'Face'

This website points out highly anomalous geometrical patterns in structures adjacent to the purported face on mars; strongly suggestive of an artificial origin of these structures.

The patterns are pointed out on images released by the European Space Agency

  • The structures  in the region display a well-defined geometry - not characteristic of natural mesae.
  • The structures display a high degree of symmetry about the yellow lines shown.
  • Their layout is such that they are at the vertices of a right-angled triangle.
  • The positioning of the circular structures carrry a well defined geometry. Striking, in particular, is the symmetry in their placement around the main structures.
  • While the anomalies pointed out above are being brought to public attention for the first time, researchers have, previously, drawn attention to the large number of structures with anomalous geometry, including a large number of pyramidal structures, in the region.
  • The image below points out another among the several geometrical peculiarities in the region that warrants attention.